Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Entebbe Zoo

Tuesday the Smith family had their court date and everything went great!  The even got a ruling date the day before us.  Sweet reward for all they have endured the past few years.  When they came back we decided to head to Entebbe and visit the local Zoo (after a quick stop and pat down at the airport to retrieve Robert's passport).  Now I say Zoo, but please remember that we are in Africa and it is not quite the same.  It was a blast and the kiddos LOVED IT!

There were so many things I had to take pictures of because they were SO funny.  If you know me and my sense of humor you will agree....if not you may want to just return to facebook :)  For example when we finally found the lion the children were so excited.  As we walked away from the cage (a good ways) there was a sign "Beware: Dangerous Animal".  A little late I thought but it wasn't till we ran across this that I thought had this warning been BEFORE the animal then this poor man could have been saved :)

Moses was had so much fun. He was terrified of the ostrich! Everything he saw was new and amazing to him. Micah just hung out in the baby carrier all day. Which has been the greatest thing ever (thanks Melissa!). He just looks up at me and smiles and he even has started kissing me. You know when ever you go to the zoo it always turns out to be the hottest day of the year. Well the day we go to a zoo in Africa of all places it ends up being pretty chilly. So all the kids were freezing and our driver kept informing us that they were cold and needed more clothes on. So the greatest parent award for the day goes to....!

This zoo had an area of trees and herbs that they were growing and I thought it was the best part. It posted the name of herb and what it cures. Let me tell you if you have a problem I guarantee you there was a herb that promised to treat it. Now I would have like to meet the person who tested all these but he was no where to be found. Here are some examples and no I can not bring any home....I already asked.

When we were getting ready to leave the zoo Moses spotted a few random monkeys walking around. Then out of now where there were at least 50 of them everywhere!!! Just walking around us. It was pretty cool until I decided that moment was a good time to give Micah a peanut butter cracker. Bad idea. This crazy monkey charged at me!!! So to protect my child I pulled Kristi in front of me and throw the package of crackers at the monkey. The monkey starts messing with package and we all run out of the zoo. This is why there are signs in America warning you not to feed the animals AND why animals should be locked in cages.


  1. OK, this one had me laughing out loud! I TOTALLY saw the whole cracker scene as you were describing it! Good to know that you will throw your friends to the lions, or monkeys in this case, to save yourself!! :) Glad you guys are having some fun and already creating great memories for the boys. :) Miss you!

  2. I totally saw the scene play out in my head too! LOLOL Needed that laugh today !!

  3. OK now the lion story makes more sense with the pictures HAHA LOVE it!

  4. Too funny! I'm so glad the carrier is working for you!

  5. Me too...can totally see you throwing the crackers! Ha! :-) I'm smiling from ear to ear for you guys! Can't wait to meet your boys. :-)

  6. Hey Runt,
    With your pctures are needed. I miss you very much, can't wait for ALL of you to come home. This may be the first time I have not atleast spoke to you on the phone but may I wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! and I think you have the two best gifts with you. Tim, please give my sister a big hug and kiss for me. LOVE, your brother.