Wednesday, February 9, 2011

African Zumba???

This past Sunday night we all decided to check out this free family night at a local hotel. We ate at another pizza place. (I am so ashamed at the amount of pizza I have consumed since I have been here) Leaving there we haled a taxi. There were 17 of us total! One couple had their own car so they took the bigger kids and a couple others. The rest of us tried to squeeze in one taxi. Oh If only you could have witnessed this!!!! We first climbed in one car and it wouldn’t start. We then found another and piled in. Tim and our friend Lawrence had to sit in the very back. It was hilarious!!

Look Mom, proof Tim and I haven't killed each other...yet!

We began traveling up this steep hill and suddenly began rolling backwards. Our taxi RAN OUT OF GAS! He pulls to the side and we all basically fall out of the car. We then decide to just walk the rest of the way. As we walk away the police came and give the taxi man a ticket. So we hike up the hill…baby and all.
The family night was very cool. There were a ton of African dancers, a band with some interesting instruments and even singing. They kids just watched and loved it. So did I! I kept thinking man this looks like Zumba!!! I got some great video to share later. Towards the end they had all the kids come out and dance with them. They let the kids introduce themselves and even formed a circle to let them dance alone. Moses dance like his Dad, unfortunately. It was a lot of fun! Enjoy these pictures of it.


  1. How fun! Just curious though, did you go out there and show them how it's done or was Tim able to contain you? ;) Glad you all are getting to have some family time, relaxing and taking in the culture. You "sound" relaxed and content in this post...thankful for that.

  2. HAHAHA,,, I am still laughing... Great way to start the "NEW" Thompson family with some great memories... Loved it.

  3. Sorry, its Sandy, was signed in to Home Builders... lol

  4. Looks like so much fun. We are anxious to hear all about your trip when you get back!

  5. Hi, I was wondering if you could email the agency you used for this adoption. My husband and I returned this week from Kampala, and we are interested in starting the legal guardianship/adoption process. My email is
    Any info is appreciated.

    Kristin Mitchell
    Dunmor, Kentucky