Friday, February 25, 2011

Our first week home

It has been one whole week since we returned from Africa. I can't believe it really. In some ways it seems like just yesterday that we were walking in the red dirt and other ways it seems like this has been our life forever.

I wanted to thank all our friends and family for the warm welcome at the airport. I can't express the happiness I felt when when we walked off that terminal and saw our girls. I ran and slid on my knees across the aisle and just grabbed them both. They both looked like they had grown so much. Isn't that funny how you notice change after being a way from someone for awhile? All the kids seemed so excited to meet each other finally. As we walked out to meet everyone else I trailed behind Tim and the girls with Moses and Micah. While looking at them walking I was overwhelmed at the sight of these four FOUR children. When did this happen??? Then I started to think that in just a few seconds these boys were not going to be just mine. I was now going to have to share them with all the other people who have already grown to love them. If you know me well you know I don't share well. I must have missed that day in Kindergarten. I was worried how the boys would reacted to all the people but my worries were misplaced because they did great! They were amazed by all the balloons and smiling faces but they looked happy and greeted everyone with smiles and hugs.

In the past week we have just followed their led as far as how much we did. On Saturday night Moses asked if we were going to Church and I told him if he wanted to we could. His response was "It is Sunday. Sunday we go to Church" So we went to Church and it went really well. We went back Sunday night and was there Wednesday. Micah even went to class Wednesday night! We have experienced Wal-mart, Kohl's and even schools. So far we have done amazingly well. We haven't left anyone behind and we have even made it to most places on time!

Micah has already done some medical testing. I want to know who's idea it was to provide the handy little spork in the poop kit? I just want thank them from preventing Tim from using one of my forks to gather a "sample". You can thank me later for not supplying a picture of that:)

Moses is starting school on Monday and is going to be in Abby's class for the rest of the year. Her teacher is even letting them sit together. I think he is pretty excited. I am going to take Micah to my school when I return to work. Speaking on returning to work, I am starting to stress about that a little. Not work itself but the whole getting everyone ready and out the door on time thing. I don't like running late at all. But if you have met my husband or Abby you know we are normally running late for everything.

I have wondered several times this week that it can't be this easy. It can't be this normal already. Something has to go wrong, right? I know that is not the greatest way to look at things but when I look around and everything is just the same as a couple months ago just with two more faces it doesn't seem real. Granted Tim and I are both off right now and dinner has been graciously supplied every night. I am just afraid of screwing everything up and failing miserably. Wow, this post went down hill real fast! Sorry :)

Here are some pics of this first week.
The boys are cleaned up and ready to meet everyone.

Moses loves his new bed.
Abby and Moses riding bikes.

Lily and Micah. Yes that is Micah with his pj's on and a Dora helmet. Don't judge me.

First breakfast together!


  1. What a beautiful family!!! I am so happy for you, Tim and the kids. You will do fine with the day to day responsibilities. It may take a few trys in the mornings to be on time but I have faith in your strength to see everything through!
    We love you guys and can't wait to meet the boys!
    Dora and Vanessa

  2. Heather, I have LOVED reading your blog while you and Tim were gone and still now!! It makes me smile reading every entry, sometimes I reread them:D I think it is AMAZING that you and Tim have added 2 Thompsons and have given those boys the ultimate, family, and love. You will be greatly rewarded for all of the love you all have spread! Keep the blogs coming!!!

    Jennifer Jeffries (Crosthwaite)

  3. Wonderful story, wonderful family, wonderful blessings :)