Sunday, February 13, 2011

This morning at church we sang to this song from David Crowder Band and the words just pierced my heart. Not just for my love of Jesus but for my love for my two wonderful girls and these two precious boys.

You’re everything
We could ever want
You’re everything
We could ever need
You’re the reason
We’re coming here
You’re the reason
We’re gonna sing

We’ll shout it out loud
From a rooftop
We won’t be quiet
We’ve fallen for You hard
And we can’t stop
We won’t deny it

I can't wait till we can all be in one photo!!!


  1. Home stretch, baby! I know you're tired and drained and happy and missing your girls and ready to be home. So happy for you and proud of you too. Praise God for this.... all of it.

  2. Welcome home Moses and Micah... almost home.... soon! (So happy!)

  3. Soon enough,'s almost here! If it's any consolation, we can't wait either!! :)