Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I have heard through the grapevine that people are upset about me being so vague in my status about our Visa appointment. I am very sorry but I was tired and emotional done for the day. I waited till the end of the day because I didn’t want to talk to anyone and have to explain the storey over and over. I was hoping to wait till we had better news but apparently my public can’t wait.
Yesterday morning Tim said he was so nervous about our interview and I replied “really? I am not at all” I was so sure everything would be just fine. Boy I was wrong. We arrived at our Visa appointment on time and were called quickly. The room that we were in was about 4x4 with no window, fan or any other source of air. The light in the room had no cover and I swear was a tanning bed light bulb. So, just so you understand it was very stuffy and hot. Tim had a lot of questions and was no nervous and frustrated. After that part we had to wait in the waiting area for her to look over things. During this time the boys were so good. We waited outside some and Micah decided to poo of course! I wish you could have been there to see that! We had to change him in one of the chairs outside while he screamed and everyone watched. Ok, so that isn’t what you wanted to know about.
We waited forever and they started to question some paperwork that our lawyer did. Important paperwork. Paperwork we have to have to get the Visa’s. Paperwork our lawyer did wrong! Or at least this is what to Embassy says. At this point Robert and Prossy are running outside to call our lawyers office and figure this out. This next 30-45 minutes were brutal. We were in another room ( a little bigger, still hot) trying to figure things out when the door flies open and Robert hands us the papers we were told that was wrong. For split second he was a hero. Until we told him that while he was gone we discover more bad news. It was like the air was deflated from him. See this problem would be the same for him and Kristi. At this point we all are confused and angry. I am trying hard not to cry. The details are boring and not important to the story. In the end the problem meant more money, more travel and NO VISA.
I have to leave the building because I can’t breathe. Why is this happening? In those details that don’t matter is a lot of wrong doing on the part of two different parties. All directed at us.
While we are waiting , again, a security guard says he prays we get out of the country before the election because he fears the worst. Oh God! Please help us! I have this overwhelming feeling of homesickness. I want to go home…now!
Fast forward some. We have the info and know what we have to do. So Robert and Tim were up at 6:30 and out the door. A lot of things happened and God was there in the mist. We had a deadline and it was met. Tim left the Embassy and was told to come back tomorrow at 12:00 to pick up our sons Visa.
We are coming home!
Now, please continue to pray that this happens. We are hopeful but will not believe it till they are in our hands. When that happens we can book our flight home.
Soooooo, again I am sorry. Please understand and don’t hold it against me.


  1. What a story! I understand as your first priority over there is getting the documentation taken care of, taking care of the boys and yourselves - physically, emotionally and spiritually. The rest of us just need to be patient on our end and the news will come! I am so happy it seems things are working out and you will all be home soon. Stay strong and know we are here. Boy, i can't wait for Noon your time/4:00 am ours!!!!!!! Start scoping out the flights so you are ready!!! We love you!

  2. Whew! I hope the VISAs are safely in your hands SOON and you can book your flights HOME!

    Praying for your family!

  3. Heather and Tim, David and I are praying everything works out and that you are on your way home soon.

    Thinking of You,
    David and Laurie Raisor

  4. Could you have titled it "Stop yelling but I have good news!"??? now my heart is beating again...

  5. Your public thanks you for taking the time to update us!! :) So thankful that things are working out and God is moving there to get you home. We are ANXIOUSLY awaiting a NEW update!!

  6. God is there and He will see that all of your troubles are taken care of... You will be home soon, with two little fellows in tow!!! Hugs...

  7. I know exactly how you feel..and how your heart aches to be home!! Hang in there!!

    Momma to Brennan, Bryson, Lola Joy-adopted from Ethiopia in June 2009, and Lily Hope adopted from China in Sept. 2010.

  8. I really enjoy reading about this part of your family history. Knowing how much you are willing to fight for this love is a gift for others to cherish.

  9. In every little detail and every little delay... God is at work to bring you and your boys home. You are blanketed with such a tremendous covering of prayers. These troubles may only be happening to draw God's people to Him in prayer. So I thank you for the sacrifice of your tears and fears that give yet another reason for me to need to draw near to Him. :-) God is complicated...