Saturday, February 5, 2011

Friday Fun

Friday morning we had to get up pretty early to take the kids to their medical testing. In order to get their Visas they have to have this. Our appointment was at 9:00 am. After a little trouble finding it we arrived just a few minutes after. The security guards there tell us to wait in the waiting area and they will call our name. Oh, the waiting area was this shelter outside! So we wait. And we wait. And we wait some more. The children did fine but Kristi and I were getting very tired of sitting there. On three different occasions we asked various people if we were in the right spot and what was taking so long. I understand we are in Africa but THREE hours waiting with five children and two cranky mommas is just ridiculous!!! Finally, Robert goes a finds someone and come to find out we were waiting in the WRONG area. The doctor said he had been waiting on us all morning. We were fifty feet away!!! They decided to still see us, thank goodness. After doing a lot of paperwork and a ton of medical questions that we had no answers to we were finally were seen. The doctor explained that he would get their measurements and give them a TB test but we would have to return Monday to get the test read and finish the exam. I guess at least Monday we know where to go! Micah still weighed 20lbs (almost 21) and Moses weighted 63lbs!!! Moses didn’t even flinch when he got his TB shot, Micah on the other hand screamed like crazy. Hopefully we will find out more Monday.
After that fun time we went to this mall where we heard we could find an American cheeseburger. Oh man it was YUMMY!!!!

I didn’t care if it was really made of beef or not. It was great! Then we headed to the Friday Market. It is like a huge flea market held only on Fridays. It was full of different kinds of souvenirs. We got some great items that I can’t wait to share :0)

Micah passed out while shopping.

We finished the night off with a UNO tournament. If you know me then you know how this went down. I was on my best behavior since I was with people I hadn’t played with before, but let me tell you…..tonight IT IS ON!!!!!


  1. I am glad that everything is going well. The waiting is the worse part. They do not get in a hurry and we had to wait allot when we were there in Africa. I am happy that they went ahead and seen you and did not shut the door early like they did on us when we were trying to get our Visa straightened out. We are Praying you and can not wait to have you back home. Braden said that he hopes you have a safe trip back and he is glad that you have your kid now and He said Hi and he said to tell you that he Loves You.