Monday, January 31, 2011

Bye Bye Busia!

This weekend has been an emotional one.  We got the exciting news that the Smith's were coming and we had to make arrangements to go back to Busia to get the rest of our things and get Kristi and Robert's children.  The trip is long, bumpy and hot!  Once we got back to Busia it really started to sink in for me that our children were leaving the only home they have ever known.  I kept watching Moses to see if he was struggling with it but he seemed to do ok.  I would ask if he was sad whenever he was still and quiet and sometimes he would say yes but others he said no.  So I just watched.  Saturday he played ALL over the village.   He climbed this huge Jack Fruit tree and it scared me to death.  One of the women there must of noticed me freaking out and asked if I wanted him to come down.  I told her yes and she laughed at  me.  Later he tied some VHS tape from the garbage to a ear of corn and was throwing it up it the air.  It is amazing to me the things they can find and make toys out of.  I kept waiting for it to get stuck in this tree and sure enough it did.  I still just sat and watched.  He tries for a while to jump and get it, then gets a chair, when that doesn't work he goes and get this VERY large branch (which later Tim could barely pick up) and knocks it out of the tree.  He did not once asked for help.  He didn't need any help!  He is just amazing to me.

As the day went on I just got sadder and sadder.  I know what we are doing is a good thing and that their lives will be better for it but my heart breaks for them.  There are so many people here that love them and will miss them.  Especially Micah.  He is this little miracle boy to everyone in this village.  They all saw him when we was lifeless and weight hardly nothing.  They all spent months praying for his survival.   Now I am taking him away from them.  Don't get me wrong no one here as made me feel this way!  This was just where my mind was on Saturday.  Everyone here is so happy for both the boys and seem to truly want what is best for them.  I have read that they will grieve for there home and their caregivers at some point and I guess Saturday was my day to grieve for them.  But Sunday was a new day!  We got up and packed thing for another day of travel.  My butt is so tired of traveling!!!!  Moses seemed so excited.  We went back to the orphanage and let him say goodbye one last time.  I cried and he seemed trilled.  Go figure.

So here is a treat for you.  My plan is to go back and add pictures where they need to be after our ruling but I thought this one was special and it doesn't show any faces.  This is Moses stepping out of the orphanage door for the last time.


  1. I hope u have a million more pictures, although you're very good at painting one with your words. Isnt technology can blog, post pics, email, fb and more when the urge hits's just wonderful!
    I've got boy clothes if u are lacking any, and shoes galore :). I keep thinking how cold the boys are going to think it is here, and i wonder if our summers will feel hot to them. So many We cant wIt to meet them...what an adventure for everyone involved. Be safe! We'll continue praying <3 Darci

  2. Tears...of joy, trying to even BEGIN to understand the emotions you are going through! The picture is PERFECT! Thanks for sharing. God's plan is unfolding PERFECTLY, as always. Love you.....

  3. How exciting! I'm so anxious to see your pics! I completely understand, but just this little glimpse is sooo great! You & Tim both have unveiled a hidden talent in your writing abilities while in Uganda!! It is so exciting to see each time you post something new :) Thanks for taking time out for all of us!

  4. This picture is AWARD winning! I LOVE IT!!!

  5. so yeah....I'm crying now..... Thanks Heather. ;)