Tuesday, January 18, 2011

All packed up!

I don't think I can fit another thing in my suitcases.  Every time I turn around I find something that I just HAVE to take.  You just never know what you might need, right? 
Well, this is it.  Ready or not, my life is about to change completely. I am really nervous about the long flight but I am so ready to get there and meet my boys.  I can't wait to touch them, to hold them and to tell them that I love them so much.  I look forward most to hearing Moses' voice.  Just to hear his accent.  I wonder what they will call us.  Will they call us mommy and daddy already or something else.  Either way I just hope they like us!  But have you met me?  Who wouldn't want to hang with me for the rest of their life....well at least childhood.  So with everything done (even my house is clean) I think it is time to snuggle in my own bed one last night!