Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I love you!

Those where the first words out of Moses's mouth after he ran and hugged Tim.  Tim just cried and squeezed him tighter.  Lucas's son Joshua handed me Micah.  My thoughts were that he was so beautiful.  Then I started to examine how small he was. Not petite small like Lily but skinny small.  He just stared at me, which is better than I expected.  I thought he would just cry but he never did.  We keep asking Moses if he was happy and he would smile and say yes!  It was a great moment.  Ok so that was Friday and they haven't left our sight since.  They stayed with us from that night.  Prossy (the orphanage director and who we are staying with in Busia) even prepared us a special dinner at 10:30 at night.  Our first night was pretty good.  I got in the bed with the boys at some point because Micah was crying, but other than struggling to get out of the bed in the dark with an extremely tight bug night I would say it was good.   Where we are staying is just a short walk to the orphanage where the boys lived.  It is the dirtiest place I ever seen.  I when I say dirty I mean dirty as in Dirt! There is this red dirt everywhere.  Dust fly's around when the wind picks up and everything is covered (children included) in red dirt.  To prove my point, the first time I blew my nose it was nothing but RED DIRT.  But it is really pretty here.  So many fruit trees and really green grass.  You wouldn't believe the random animals that are walking around.  Things we have on farms or in zoos are just walking down the street.  Saturday we visited the orphanage and loved on all the kids.  There are all so beautiful.  I keep asking Kristi's kids if they were ready because their mommy and daddy were coming soon and they just smiled.  We spent most of the day watching the boys play with the other children back at Prossy's house.  Micah is very she but is coming around.  We decided to get the boys cleaned up for bed because we had church the next morning and that was very interesting. The bathroom there is just a nozzle out of a concrete wall with a toilet right under it and a sink.  Micah is used to a bath in a basin and I am not sure about Moses.  But Micah was scared of the shower and Moses was doing his best.  So there was all four of us in this small room, Micah screaming, all of us soaked and I am not even sure how clean we got them. So that is up to Saturday night.  It is almost one in the morning here so I better save the rest for tomorrow! 

Enjoy some pics of Busia!

One of our many walks on the red dirt!

This is the home we stayed in.
The boys enjoying a movie under the safety of a beautiful green mosquito net.

This is where the children all sleep.


  1. I CANNOT STOP CRYING!!! I will let Abby read these tonight before she goes to bed so she can especially what Moses said! I love you all!!!

  2. SOOOO wonderful reading these words! What a family experience! Poor Micah! I'd be screaming too :) Can't wait to meet them (tho I know the fewer people intro'd to them at a time probably the better....) Still praying ceasingly for you every time I think of you!! Give Tim our best as well! He's such a wonderful Dad!

  3. Isn't our God awesome!!! I am so happy for all of you...

  4. So happy for you and your family! There will be adjustments, but kids are resilient! :)

  5. Such a beautiful story and it's just the begining. God has so much in store for your growing family. You are amazing people.

  6. okay....so i am soooooooo happy for you and tim. i love reading these posts and it is amazing how wonderful it is going...BUT i have to say i laughed so hard when i was reading about the shower because all i can say is welcome to my world!!!!!!!